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AI/Computer Vision Deployments with Attntiv

Attntiv AI cloud allows non-technical business users to define, train, and deploy the most complex artificial intelligence / computer vision models with edge computing. Improved real-time insights on what is important to your business, in a way that was not possible until now.

Connected Worker Response

Design, develop, and deploy connected worker processes with no code. Create capability within your organizations to respond to critical business events in seconds. Modify applications with evolving business needs and deliver actionable content on wearable or mobile device of your choice.

Real Time Business Intelligence

Real-time operational dashboards for risk mitigation and interactive top-down statistical analysis for ongoing process optimization across your organization.

Closed loop Computer Vision Systems with real-time human response!

Know what's important

Real-time AI analytics on your CCTV video feed is like having hundreds of invisible people watching whats going on.

Create a managed response

TaskWatch keeps frontline workers handsfree and connected to emerging business events. A timely response deliveres improved security, enhanced customer experience and continuity in business operations.

Improve Business Outcomes

Real-time Artificial Intelligence for handsfree and mobile connected workers introduces a new dimension in business intelligence and the ability to mitigate risks.


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